Books About Gratitude

The Lessons Learned from Books About Gratitude

Among the many genres that Michael Coccari's newest book, It's Good to Say Thank You, would fit, books about gratitude wouldn't necessarily be an inaccurate description. What might make this work from Michael Coccari even more special than others, however, is how that gratitude in these pages is framed.

Michael Coccari uses the lessons and the gifts of gratitude to help others see how they can be used to improve their lives, both today and tomorrow - and in some ways, yesterday too. Yes, books about gratitude aren't unheard of, yet a book about the power of gratitude to guide the direction of our lives? Well, that is part of what It's Good to Say Thank You is all about.

Contact us to learn more about the latest Michael Coccari book or to place an order, and we will be happy to help. Gratitude for gifts is good. Gratitude for gifts gleaned from the fire is gratitude of a different kind.