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Our kitty likes to drink water from a glass

Our kitty likes to drink water from a glass,

And he prefers that we hold and tilt it

At an easy angle for his talented tongue;

Water in his bowl peaks no interest or use.

If we fill two glasses and set them on the nightstand,

One for him and one for us, he chooses ours every time;

He’s willing to share but insists on his turn patiently;

He’ll ignore his glass and implore us with fixed stare

To refill our glass with fresh water so he can drink.

Lately Kitty likes to drink water from a faucet,

His own upside-down drinking fountain;

He likes to punch the stream with his paw

And then lick his fur with special fervor.

Today the most useful things I’ve done

Are hold and tilt my glass to his preferred angle,

And run water from our kitchen faucet

To arouse his curiosity and quench his thirst.

I’m quite content with that.

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